Monday, November 7, 2011

Cancer: Don't Just Sit There and Take It

Further to yesterday's news: Is Sitting Too Long a Cancer Risk, the conclusion seemed to be that regular, even if only a minute, breaks during the day may reduce your risk of getting cancer.

Later in the day, I was observing how wonderful my body felt after doing yoga.  It was as if every cell in my body was alive.  That feeling lingers for most of the day; I'm in a great mood, I feel healthy, the everyday challenges seem more manageable.  To me, this was a big part of truly feeling like I could move beyond my cancer.  I am now building a resource list for yoga centers that have programs for cancer patients: Stronger Than Cancer: Yoga (if you have a center to recommend, please send it to me).

Yes, yoga is longer than the one minute break, and it is one break not several.  But the energy that the yoga created in my body, made me WANT to move throughout the day.   It was as if the yoga encourages the type of daily breaks/movement that reduces the risk of cancer.

The yoga that I have been doing lately is easy to fit into my schedule because it's on video: Brian Kest Power Yoga - this one may be too challenging for someone just recovering from treatment (click to image to see the description):

But there are wonderful yoga videos that help you go through and recover from treatment : Yoga for Breast Cancer:

Yoga has worked for me.  It is gentle, but leaves you feeling strong and healthy.  There may be other physical outlets that energize you - find what works for you.

Keep moving - stay energized - take lots of 'active' breaks.

Whatever activity makes you feel good, is also fighting cancer.

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