Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cancer Flourishes On Recycled Cell Waste | StrongerThanCancer

Cancer Flourishes On Recycled Cell Waste | StrongerThanCancer

To be honest, the description here seems more like lobsters and other scavengers at the bottom of the ocean, than a Pac-Mac going around gobbling up whatever is in its path. But it's an interesting target for therapy.

My concern, as always with drugs like this, is the 'genetic manipulation' they casually throw out there, and then later the statement that "... if there is a way to block CMA selectively, so it only affects cancer cells and not healthy cells."

There seem to be many paths to target cancers - the challenge is finding treatments that don't affect healthy cells. The problem with the current standard treatment of chemotherapy is the terrible affects it has on 'healthy cells': that increase heart disease and risk of leukemia, and damage the immune system, blood cells, hair-skin-nails, and even the brain as many complain of 'chemo-brain' and memory issues.

I would hope that when they develop any new drugs, they follow "First Do No Harm", a sensible oath for our doctors, which should also be the cornerstone for research developing drugs that the doctors are to administer.

I wish this team luck in finding a way to block CMA without affecting healthy cells - I look forward to their future findings.

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