Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is the Pill behind rising prostate cancer rates? | StrongerThanCancer

Is the Pill behind rising prostate cancer rates? | StrongerThanCancer

This article just boggles the mind. It may be the first time a compound has leached into the environment from one person and caused cancer in another.

It just underscores how important it is to look more globally at chemicals/food/drugs. The FDA is always approving things that have 'safe levels' of known toxins, and I truly believe that cancer rates are going UP because we are bombarded daily with constant exposure to toxins in the environment.

Clearly, when they are approving the pill for use in women, they are looking at the potential side effects on HER body, and the efficacy of the drug. It's a stretch to think they would do studies on its affects on other people - but this study sheds light on the interconnectedness of all of us with each other and our environment. Just like second-hand smoke - the way we live our lives does have an affect on those around us.

But stepping back - to put the blame on birth-control pills may be premature. In that same time period, when birth control pills were more actively used - is it possible that that is the when hormones were used in animals for a greater yield, plumper meat, and to increase milk production?

This is one study. It raises many questions. The findings are interesting, but I believe the source of the problem could be elsewhere, or possibly a compounded issue of many areas where hormones are used to modify the body's natural behavior.

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