Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BRCA and Cancer Risk

Today, they released new findings regarding BRCA and cancer risk, see No Higher Risk of Breast Cancer for Women Who Don't Have BRCA Mutation but Have Relatives Who Do

In a flash, I remembered the pressure from my surgeon to get the testing done, with all sorts of scary stories and the implications it had for my daughter, and handing me the phone because maybe I should call my husband, oncologist, anyone who might convince me to do it.

I love that testing gives us information, but it seems to me, that too often (especially in my case) testing only led to more tests, and justification to pressure me into preventative (surgical) actions.  This same surgeon was already suggesting that I have my ovaries removed to reduce the chances of ovarian cancer.

They are my ovaries.  I want to keep them.

Not long after this, I found a different surgeon, and she will forever be remembered as Frankenstein.

But the article also hinted at how eager the medical community was to find some greater risk associated with the gene existing in the family.

All of that said, having a family member with breast cancer does put you at greater risk.  But with the risk of getting some cancer in your lifetime very high :Cancer Strikes 1 in 2 Men and 1 in 3 Women, it makes sense that everyone, I mean EVERYONE should assume that they are 'at risk' of getting cancer, and should work toward preventing it!!!

Let's not rely on tests.  Tests and screens to find cancer make sense.  Tests to see if you are "AT-RISK" perhaps aren't necessary.  Living in our modern world puts us at risk.  We are all at risk.

With everything we know about what fights cancer, there's no reason not to begin the fight today and reduce our chances of getting cancer.  Let's not be a part of that statistic.

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