Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Healthy Heart Habits Also Guard Against Cancer | StrongerThanCancer

Healthy Heart Habits Also Guard Against Cancer | StrongerThanCancer

I love that the conclusion is to motivate physicians to focus on prevention. That has been my concern for a while, with groups seeking a cancer cure, putting their logo on unhealthy, sugary foods... as if prevention wasn't important, but raising money for drugs to cure cancer was.

I say we focus on PREVENTION first, while researchers are working more and more on targeted therapies for rare and hard-to-treat cancers.

But this article could even extend to other areas.

Whenever I look at lists of things that help prevent any chronic illness: arthritis, diabetes, heart issues... they ALL seem to point to the same thing.

Prevention is ALL about 1) eating well, 2) getting some exercise, and 3) reducing or eliminating unhealthy behaviors like smoking, or excessing drinking or fats. I would add to that finding balance, reducing stress, and participating in activities that bring you joy!! That can really change how the body, and the immune system responds.

So, rather than thinking of just heart disease and cancer - think about all the things you do to stay healthy:


That seems worth it!

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