Friday, December 9, 2011

Report finds that life choices dwarf pollutants in breast cancer risk | Stronger Than Cancer

Life choices dwarf pollutants in breast cancer risk | Stronger Than Cancer

I'm a bit disappointed in this 'report'. Another one funded by Susan Komen, who seems to enjoy spending everyone else's money: ONE MILLION DOLLARS??? To tell us that women are getting breast cancer because of our lifestyle??? Really??

And every one of these reports makes a point of the increased risk for being obese - when I had an aggressive, triple-negative breast cancer, and NEVER had a weight problem.

This sort of "research" drives me crazy.

It's a huge waste of money.

It didn't discover anything new.

And it blames breast cancer on the patient (like we need guilt on top of struggling to stay alive), and it let's manufacturers of toxic chemicals off the hook. As if it's perfectly fine to expose us to constant exposure to 'safe' levels of toxins, chemicals, radiation....

Honestly - tell me why cancer rates are going up?

Women are not doing things much different now than they have always done - in fact, women are more into 'fitness' today than they were just one generation back. Women are less likely to smoke than they were 30 years ago...

I simply can't believe that 'lifestyle' alone can account for the dramatic increase in cancer rates.

What has changed??

The quality of the foods we're given to nourish our bodies has deteriorated. And we are exposed to more 'environmental' risks. We are encouraged to take more and more drugs for every minor inconvenience: allergies, colds, blood pressure, headache, stomach upset, trouble sleeping... and diet pills.

Hmmm, maybe women who are overweight are more likely to get cancer, because at some point, they all have tried diet pills.

As I said, I never had a weight issue - but I did struggle with allergies as a child. Imagine years of taking a drug designed to 'suppress' your immune system. Then when I really needed my immune system to kick in (to fight the cancer) my body had given up.

Perhaps the report is right.

Life choices are probably a greater factor in cancer risk (and survival). It's the life choice we make to ignore these stupid reports, and take charge of our own health, and stop polluting our bodies with everything we are told is safe.

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