Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breast implants have no cancer link, but ALL Implants Should Be Monitored

Breast implants have no cancer link says UK watchdog | Stronger Than Cancer

This may not be linked to cancer (although I'm not convinced), but anything you put in your body that doesn't belong there, can pose a health risk. Watch it closely.

Obviously, there are times doctors need to implant things - many people get rods and other devices implanted for back or knee injuries etc. But this is still relatively new medicine, and we don't necessarily know what the long term risks are.

At the time of surgery, the benefits outweigh the risk - so, it is unrealistic to say NEVER surgically implant anything into the body.

The message is to keep an eye on it. Implants can deteriorate, or shift, or affect surrounding tissue.

Best to set up a routine to check all implants on a regular basis.

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