Friday, December 2, 2011

Lung Cancer's Victims... Who Never Smoked

Lung Cancer's Hidden Victims... Who Never Smoked | StrongerThanCancer

This rings true for me. Cancers aren't predictable. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, with no family history, and absolutely NO indication that I would be at risk, in fact, they considered me to be at very LOW risk for the disease: I never smoked, never had weight issues, I breast-fed my children...

More and more we are seeing cancers that contradict what we assume is the 'cause' or the 'lifestyle' that brought it on.

I think we need to think of cancers - all cancers - as a global concern. That we are just enduring more and more toxins in our environment, and degradation of our food supply (our diets aren't nourishing us), and cancers can show up in ANY part of the body, regardless of our genetics, or gender (men are getting breast cancer)...

Be ever vigilant. Assume you are at risk for any cancer. Live your life to prevent all cancers.

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