Friday, December 2, 2011

New Research: cancer protection same as allergies

Cancer protection same as allergies | StrongerThanCancer

This is a really interesting connection.

As someone who had severe allergies as a child, it was interesting to see that most my allergic reactions subside after taking supplements to support my cancer.

There have been other approaches to immunotherapy for cancer, stimulating an immune response in the body in hopes that it will jump-start a immune response against the cancer. Many of those therapies are not proven - as a cancer treatment. Yet, I found the supplementation I took to strengthen my immune system to be very effective - and hopefully, it is keeping the cancer away. (The difference between the two being: 1) attempting to stimulate an already weak immune system, the other 2) strengthening the weak areas of the immune system while going through treatment improves the ability for the body to continue to fight the disease).

This approach is a little different, a slightly different pathway - I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from further research.

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