Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh no, Avastin is back...

Avastin for ovarian cancer slows tumors but fails to prolong life | Stronger Than Cancer

This is the most discouraging news I've seen today.

I celebrated the FDA removing it's approval of Avastin for Breast Cancer. It is too toxic, reduced quality of life, and did not have any benefit or improved survival. I was amazed at how many people were angry with the FDA for this decision, in a desperate attempt to do something, they'd rather take the physical punishment of a drug with serious side effects, that did not have any benefit. I don't know who these brainwashed masses are, but they are clearly only listening to propaganda from Genentech.

Well, it didn't take long before they decided to find another cancer to market their drug to. Now it's Ovarian Cancer.

What is insane, is that mixed in this story, that shows the results of two studies indicate that it DOES NOT prolong life for Ovarian Cancer, that some people are ... excited??? .. about this. Calling it a 'gift'??

Who on earth did they pay to make that statement???

For all of you cancer survivors who read this blog, PLEASE do not take your doctor's word for anything. Research EVERY drug they recommend. What are the real benefits. What are the risks.

It's your body. Only take a drug if YOU believe there is a real benefit that outweighs the risk, and miserable side-effects of treatment.

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