Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Hard to Quit Smoking, Even When You Have Cancer

Cancer Patients Still Smoking | Stronger Than Cancer

It makes me sad when I see those facing cancer unable to quit smoking. There is so much going on, we can't really blame them.

It's like the combination of an addictive drug, societies expectations, ego, emotions, the trauma of their diagnosis all teaming up against this person who needs strength and support. They are finding their support in cigarettes, and it is making them worse.

It is like all these factors have convinced the person to turn against himself and give into the cancer.

At one time, it was very hard for me to understand this.

I never smoked.

But having gone through the panic of cancer, I do understand how it becomes even harder to quit when you are in the midst of treatment.

There were many things that I knew I should be doing: exercise more, eat certain foods, etc, that I simply didn't have the energy, or more likely, mental capacity to begin until years after treatment was over.

Yes, I took baby steps. I did what I could. But we are in high stress survival mode. It would be like asking one of our troops at war to quit smoking while he's in the trenches. Sure, his health would improve, but 99.9% of his brain is focused on something else. It would probably take a few years after returning home from the war, when the soldier is able to shift his focus to the task of quitting smoking.

To those that do manage to quit - you are superstars!!

To those that can't - don't throw it away - keep it as a goal, even if you can't achieve it today.

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