Thursday, February 23, 2012

Skin cancer drug?

Skin cancer drug hopes raised by study | Stronger Than Cancer

There's interesting new developments in the treatment of skin cancer, an area where there has been little progress in the form of treatments. The results are encouraging, but when you look at the real numbers:

In the trial, only about half saw benefits from the drug.

And the end result, is the patients lived about 6 months longer.

None of this information was set against any difficulty or side effects. Would a patient think that it's worth it to live a few months longer, if they are miserable from the side effects of treatment?

While this drug will surely be promoted and given to patients, rarely are the other issues discussed.

In cancer treatment - now more than ever - with all the new cancer drugs being developed, we need to have a quantifiable way to measure the return on investment. Target the treatment, and weigh quality of life against the benefit.

If it proves worth it with all the factors considered, then that raises hope for me.

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