Saturday, January 14, 2012

Read the Label - Even if You Have Cancer

Drug is still approved, but update that warning label to include a deadly brain infection...

Cancer drug gets stronger label warning | Stronger Than Cancer

Interestingly, when you are diagnosed with cancer, your doctor RARELY shows you the label, or even discusses the risks of the drugs that you take.

They will go over the side effects. A casual, "Well, you may experience some fatigue, or loss of appetite..." but unless you ask, they rarely will tell you, "..and it will increase your risk of heart disease, and leukemia, or a deadly brain infection..."

It is important that all patients ask for documentation about the drugs they are prescribed. Not just cancer drugs, but anything.

Amazingly, there are brand-name drugs for things like headaches, marketed directly to consumers, that require a prescription, that are NO better than ibuprofen, that have serious side effects.

It's up to the patient to determine if the risks outweigh the benefit of any drug.

Read labels. It's your body. Talk to your doctor about alternatives.

When you've made an informed decision to take a drug, then you can be sure that it is the best decision.

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