Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is It Time to Include Aspirin in Cancer Prevention Guidelines?

Aspirin Reduces Cancer Risk: Is It Time to Include It in Cancer Prevention Guidelines? | Stronger Than Cancer

Studies are showing that aspirin does more than reduce heart disease, it also reduces cancer risk.

It's an odd thing to supplement.  As someone who promotes healing, nutrient dense foods, and fighting cancer with nutrition, I feed uneasy about a recommendation to take a drug regularly, just because it has been found to reduce some risk.

Evidently, there is little risk associated with long term aspirin use, so if someone is inclined to take it, I would support that idea.

For now, I will refrain.  I prefer to reduce my risk by eating well, and keeping my immune system and body strong.

When they publish the mechanism by which aspirin reduces the cancer risk, we will probably find something in nature that does the same job.  My guess, is that it reduces certain inflammation which can lead to cancer - and there are many natural foods that do that as well.

I don't have an issue with inflammation in my body, so taking a drug blindly, to reduce cancer risk, for a risk factor that doesn't apply to me, doesn't make sense.

I am hoping people are thoughtful about their approach to this type of 'prevention'.

Know your body - start there for your cancer prevention plan.

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