Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fatal Side Effects of a Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer diagnosis raises risk of heart attack and suicide | Stronger Than Cancer

An interesting new study shows that a cancer diagnosis dramatically raises the risk of heart attack and suicide in the months that follow.

This should send a message to doctors, and fear-mongering organizations that want to sell you a 'cure' - many people survive cancer.  More people survive cancer, than a car crash, but we're not afraid to drive.

Let's put the focus on targeting the cancer, healing the body, and bringing more balance to our lives.

Fear will shut down the immune system.  Even in patients that don't have a heart attack, the panic of a diagnosis has its negative effects.

Are there ways of addressing this issue to improve the survival for all cancer patients?

Patients who are determine to survive, seem to survive against all odds.  If more patients are offered encouragement, we would have better survival rates regardless of what their choice of treatment is.

Time to make a shift away from fear, and toward individual paths to healing for every patient.

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