Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting 2011 With a Plan to Fight Cancer From Every Angle

In my most recent readings, I am finding that there are so many things to consider in my fight against cancer.

My first line of attack has always been diet - but this has two parts that I must evaluate at each meal:

1 - am I reducing the foods that might encourage cancer growth: synthetic/processed foods, refined sugar?

2 - am I eating cancer fighting foods at every meal?

But there's also a connection between cancer and regular fitness, even if it's just walking.  So my second line of attack is to make sure I do some sort of movement, if not every day, several times a week.

I'm done, right?  I did the treatment with my doctors, I'm eating better, trying to exercise more..  I'm fighting cancer!!!

Yes.  But I can do more :)

Every day we are bombarded with chemicals in our environment.  For the most part, these are government regulated, and we should assume they are safe.  But the government is concerned that chemicals not exceed amounts that could cause cancer (meaning cancer causing effects may be present, just at low levels), and often it is after a product has been on the market for a while that we find that it causes cancer: for example, the connection between breast cancer and plastic.  So, my goal is to use more natural products in my home.

There - now I am fighting cancer completely.  Fight, fight, fight!!!

Hmmm, but there's something I'm missing.  All this fighting goes against my nature.  There are studies that show a connection between survival and emotions.  Perhaps the most important thing I can do to survive is to simply enjoy a beautiful sunset, play with my children, and laugh with my friends.  

So this year, I am resolving to survive cancer, not just with what I put inside my body, but with what I will allow into my home, and how I live my life.  I will either buy less toxic cleansers, or make my own.  I will stock my kitchen with antioxidants for meals and snacking.  I will get out and enjoy nature walks. But most importantly, the key to my survival will be to live each day to its fullest.

As they say: Live, Laugh, Love - now a prescription for living longer!

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