Saturday, January 1, 2011

Slow Death by Rubber Duck

...The Secret Danger of Everyday Things.

The title of this book may seem a bit like a prophecy of doom, but the message is more hopeful.  Instead of making us feel guilty for all the plastic, man-made things that surround us, they provide excellent information and research to help us move toward a less toxic environment.

The most important points they make, and this is why you need to read this book, is how seemingly innocent plastics in our homes can directly affect our health.  This is not just a book about trying to reduce landfills, or asking us to recycle, but that living with these plastics can cause disease.  There have already been studies linking plastics to breast cancer (see the link): What Is the Connection Between Plastic and Breast Cancer. 

The book has a wonderful style, quite readable and entertaining, and I feel the way the information is presented makes it easier for us to make decisions to create a less toxic environment at home.

If you are fighting cancer, as I am, this information is critical.  If you want to prevent cancer, this information is critical.  If you want to do everything you can to provide a safe and healthy environment for your family - this book will be invaluable.

Enjoy - may you have a healthy and happy 2011!!

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