Monday, December 20, 2010

Living Life More Fully after a Cancer Diagnosis

One of challenges of surviving cancer is dealing with the emotional side of the diagnosis.  There are days when you feel well and you hope you will survive, and there are days when you feel tired and afraid that you will succumb to the cancer if it comes back, or you might feel a little pain from stress, tension, aging... anything, and the fear that it might be another tumor makes you lose sleep at night, which makes you more tired, and weaker... it can be a terrible cycle - often causing depression.

This book 'The Power of Now' has been incredibly helpful to me in processing the emotions that come with being a cancer survivor, and just dealing with the struggles of every day life.  Especially now, with the holidays upon us, it's important that we be present in the moment.   Emotions will come and go -  if we can just let them flow through our bodies, we can more fully enjoy the moments that bring us joy!

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