Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fighting Cancer with Mushrooms

As a cancer patient we have to navigate so much information about our treatment.  The pressure to decide what to do is immense - your doctors want you to immediately go into chemotherapy and/or radiation to kill the cancer before it spreads.  Sometimes, dealing with the emotional trauma, and constant push and pull from the doctors, and for some people: maintaining jobs, we feel like we have little time to research other options to improve our chances of survival.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was very lucky to have two friends help me find naturopathic doctors to guide me in complementing my treatment with immunotherapy.

Probably the most important component of that treatment was mushrooms.  It is now routinely administered alongside chemotherapy in Japan, and the cancer fighting properties of mushrooms are being confirmed with numerous studies around the globe.

But all the research in the world means nothing until you see it in your own body.  When I first met with my ND, the testing revealed my NK Cell (the cells in your immune system that fight cancer) count was 1/5th of what a normal cell count should be.  Also, these cells were not aggressive, or active in fighting the cancer cells.

Amazingly, while I was going through the stress of life, and the stress on my body from the treatment, testing revealed that my NK cell count came back into the normal range.   Not only was it protecting me from the damaging effects of radiation, but my body was growing stronger!

Today, years later, I am still cancer free.

If you have cancer, or you have had cancer, there's a good chance your NK cells are weak.  They do not rebuild on their own.  It makes sense to take some mushrooms, even little amounts over time have a cancer-preventative effect.  I think they are critical to survival.

These are the mushrooms I have taken: Host Defense

I buy my supplements from iHerb.com - they have the best prices for the quality brands I like, great resources, good service, and low shipping rates.  You can save $5 on your first order if you enter code: KAT704 when you check out.  The best thing to do is work with a Naturopathic Doctor who can test your immune system and customize the treatment to you, but at a minimum, make sure you are getting the nutrients you need to fight the cancer now.

Live Strong!

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