Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is Cancer Preventable?

I was diagnosed with cancer.  I have no family history, I have no health indications that would make anyone think I'd be prone to cancer, I rarely get sick...

So, I believe there is NO reason I should have had cancer.

But, I was lazy about my diet - I found it easier to each quick and cheap, than to prepare thoughtful healthy meals.

I had a lot of stress in my home life and at work...  that weakens the immune system.

I had very little time to exercise - and always felt guilty about it.

I lived in a house that had radon gas - yes, we mitigated (which basically means you try to air out the house), but I wasn't concerned about it.

All the things that my body needed to stay strong, I just let them go.  I made everything else a priority.

So.  Now that I've had cancer, I think: Is the cancer something that just happens, or is it really preventable?

Can I change my diet, and environment, and exercise - all things that improve survival - will that prevent it from coming back?  Was my lack of concern before a cause for cancer?

I don't know.  But my body feels like that is true.

How can the cancer possibly return, when I am giving it nothing??

I created a graph to illustrate my point at: http://strongerthancancer.com.

I will continue to build on this idea, because I truly believe it's possible.  I would love to hear other people's opinions.

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